Removing Mold Spores From Your House

Molds are a part of our natural environment and you can find them both outdoors and indoors. Apart from being harmful to your health, they destroy your furniture and furnishings too. They typically thrive in moist and humid areas of your house, sometimes in locations that are hard for you to detect. You can be sure that mold has infested your home if you suffer from:

• Sneezing
• Stuffy or a runny nose
• A cough
• Itchy throat, nose, and eyes
• Dry and scaly skin
• Watery eyes

People with breathing problems suffer more when the mold is present in the room. If you do not take prompt action and remove them from your room, they will spread rapidly and a stage will come when you will find it difficult to eradicate them. They spread very fast, in around 24-48 hours. The above symptoms along with a musty odor are a sure sign of mold infestation. Check the floors and walls of your house for patches that are around three foot in length and breadth. You should also check your carpets and upholstery for gray, yellow, and black colored patches, as they too indicate the presence of molds. If the patches on your walls are more than 10 feet in length, it is better to seek the help of a mold removal specialist.

Removal of mold
You can remove molds from your walls by applying a mild solution of bleach and water. However, this process will not work with your carpets and upholstery, as the chemical reaction of bleach will cause their colors to fade. In such a situation, your best option is to get in touch with professional agencies that specialize in detecting and removing mold without damaging the walls and furnishings of your house. These specialists also know where molds typically thrive and search such areas, such as your basement, for their presence.

The removal process
Once they note down the different areas where molds thrive, they use different methods to eradicate them. These specialists use different chemicals for removing molds from walls and carpets. Typically, they use a solution that kills molds but does not ruin the color of the fabric when removing molds from carpets and upholstery.

How you can help
You can help the formation of molds by ensuring proper ventilation of your room. Turning on the air conditioner helps too as this gadget acts as a dehumidifier too, and removes humidity from inside your room, thereby preventing mold from spreading. You should also open the windows to ventilate your rooms properly. If you reside in Los Angeles or its neighborhoods, visit to find out more about mold removal companies in your area.

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